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To whom it may concern,

I am fortunate to live in the same house I was raised in from birth. Unfortunately, in November of 2001 we had a house fire. By the time all the smoke had cleared we realized the loss to be greater than originally estimated.

To make a long ten-month story short, the first contractor was released from the contract and the house sat empty, in complete disarray.

Then Mr. Michael Glading came on-site at a time when we felt most helpless and frustrated. Upon his arrival, and for the first time during this difficult period, we began to understand what was wrong -- what it was going to take to right the wrong and finish the house. Mr. Glading presented an accurate estimate of both the cost the complete the house and the time it would take. Every step of the way he made certain that we understood the work being done, as well as the next phase of work to be performed. Best of all, he made certain that he understood what we were looking for in the finished product. He listened to our questions and offered helpful advice that his many years of experience provided.

The Accurate Builders crew faced a challenge from the beginning. They had to re-do a considerable amount performed by the first contractor. They showed up early every morning, worked late into the afternoon and even on the weekends, when needed, so as not to compromise the time deadline. They were professional, courteous, and kept the work site clean.

What started out as a horrible experience with the previous contractor ended up as a beautiful result due to Mr. Glading of Accurate Builders. We are grateful to both him and his crew. We would choose him again if needed, and strongly recommend Accurate Builders to those considering a remodel.

Linda E. Clark
Joseph Victor Paul II

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