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General Tips   Choosing A Contractor
Good planning now saves time and money down the road. The more clear you can be regarding your wants and needs, the easier it will be for your remodeler to meet them. Educate yourself by visiting a variety of showrooms, such as kitchens, appliances, tile, etc. Licensing
Washington State requires that all contractors be licensed, bonded and insured. If you get a quote that is significantly less expensive than others, ask to see proof of their license, bond and insurance. Without this assurance, a contractor's warranty means nothing.

Your remodeling contractor should have a reputation of being honest, providing quality workmanship, and completing work on schedule. Hiring a Certified Graduate Remodelor (CGR) is one way of being assured that your contractor is the cream of the crop.

No matter what size of remodeling project you envision, good communication will be one of the most important factors in achieving the best results. Before you hire a contractor, try to get a feel for whether they are easy to talk to and understand your wants and needs. And make sure that everything is put in writing.

The construction proposal you receive from your contractor should be clear and detailed. If you don't understand something, ask for an explanation, and if necessary, ask for the proposal to be re-written. A competent professional will be as anxious as you are for the contract to communicate clearly.

When designing a home with the services of an architect, expect to pay about 10% of the total project cost to the architect. Architects are highly educated professionals with the expertise to provide excellent designs for custom homes and complex high end projects. Quite often, an experienced Contractor/Designer trained in computer aided design can also provide quality design services for most residential projects, at substantial cost savings. The majority of the projects showcased in our Portfolio Pages have been designed by Michael Glading, the Owner of Accurate Builders.
Never pay more than 20% of the project cost up-front, unless yours is a smaller project with very expensive special ordered materials requiring payment in advance. In that case, it would be fair for your contractor to ask for a larger payment at the outset of the project to pay for those items. Otherwise, projects should be structured with a 10% - 20% down payment, and a series of payments scheduled throughout the course of the project, with a final payment upon completion and approval by the Owner.
Your remodeling project has a much better chance of proceeding smoothly if the blueprints are detailed and complete. Make sure your contractor can provide them.
Each remodeling project has its own set of surprises -- that is the nature of the business. Competent professionals recognize this, and will help you work through them.
Yes, there will be some dust, but your remodeler will do their best to minimize the inconvenience. And keep in mind that once it's all over with, your home and your quality of life will be significantly improved.
Think twice before training ivy or other vines on the side of your house or garage. Vines can cause severe damage to siding, stucco and brickwork, and the problems tend to be concealed by the foliage.
It's usually not a good idea to try to be your own general contractor. You will likely experience problems (with contractors, products, or job sequencing) that can only be resolved by an expert in the field of construction or construction management.
Before hiring a contractor, always check their references and verify that they are licensed, bonded and insured. It's also a good idea to check with your local Better Business Bureau.
It is not unusual for project details (such as materials or methods) to change over the course of construction, at the request of the owner or the contractor. To help avoid friction and misunderstandings, your construction contract should stipulate that the cost and description of any changes be noted in writing before the work is done.
The construction contract should require the contractor to warranty his work, and provide all manufacturer's warranties for materials and appliances installed during construction.
Accurate Builders is committed to providing high quality, personalized service. We understand that a remodeling project can be a fun and exciting experience, so we strive daily to achieve this goal for you!
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