accurate builders
Within these pages, you will find a fairly comprehensive display of our projects from every corner of the Kitsap County area over the past couple of decades. They represent a wide variety of projects, showcasing our skills and abilities at providing design and construction solutions to many different types of challenges over a broad range of budget levels and architectural styles of homes, and personal tastes of individual clients.

Most of these projects were designed and built by Accurate Builders, although there are a number of beautiful projects that we completed from plans provided by our clients.

By including a very wide spectrum of budget ranges, types of projects, and architectural styles and periods, within a “Before and After” format, with a “Click to Enlarge” feature, it is our hope that most people will be able to view projects which may be similar in scope, budget range, and design detail or style to a project they might have in mind.

We also hope that these images may provide some level of inspiration, or be a source for ideas for those contemplating a particular type of project.


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