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Design / Build Process
The design / build process is a systematic, all-in-one approach that can have many advantages to the residential remodeling customer over the conventional approach of having separate companies provide design and construction services. Communication is simpler, the possibility of misinterpretation is eliminated when the same company is responsible for design and construction, and, best of all, the design / build process is quicker and less costly. The professionals at Accurate Builders have refined the design / build process to ensure that every step leads to a positive and rewarding remodeling experience.

We truly want our customers to be very happy with their home improvements, because we rely on their recommendations to friends, family, and co-workers, and their repeat business to help us maintain a full schedule. Therefore, we strive to make certain that we understand what our customers want to achieve from the first meeting right on through the design process, and then go the extra mile to deliver the best possible finished product that we can, with the least possible stress and inconvenience.

Our past customers have been very happy with our services, as you’ll find when you visit our Testimonials page.


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